The journey to bliss : Day 1

Hello guys, it has been a really really long time since I have written anything on this blog, not that I have made much video content either. But today I feel like writing, sa wazzzupp…

Okay before I start talking about the topic, let me give you some context. First of all today is my birthday.


200 (4)

Well I am not really celebrating. Idk I have never really had a party of sorts. It is just another day for me.

Okay so back to the topic, I mean back to some context. So the past year has been really hard for me. I have always been an over thinker, and I have always kind of felt a bit lonely and sad, but the past year was just too much for me. I will not go much into details, but the gist is that I gained a new best friend that i pushed away, I fell in love and it got messy, all in all it was an emotional turmoil. I kinda dont want people to read this post, but I want some people. People who are like me, people who really need help to see the light in their eternal darkness. I am doing this to heal, and to help anybody I can and maybe help myself in the process.

So a pretty pathetic year, but to be honest I believe it is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I don’t believe that if you hit rock bottom, up is the only way. I believe only when we choose to rise, we can rise up, but we can also the stay in the bottom, make a comfortable bed there and just lay, numb.

The journey to bliss is my journey, a journey that I know will end in bliss, a journey I know will be amazing. You know how I know that? Because I am willing it to be. So welcome to this journey, no matter how much time it takes, I will rise through. And if there is anybody out there like me, come on this journey with me. And we will be amazing, all it will take is your will.

So actually it is not Day 1 since I have made some changes but I have started writing now, so ‘thda toh chalta hai boss’….

For about two weeks now I have been listening to ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris – Being Bliss’. It is available on youtube for every one to watch. One rule I have made is that I watch only one episode in a day and I watch it as soon as I can after I wake up.

So basically what that show tells you is how to be happy, and how to be blissful. And to be honest, it is a very simple idea, that takes time to implement. Basically you need to realize that you choose your thoughts and emotions and you can train your mind, to be happy and blissful no matter what.

I wont be able to write a lot today, so I will just say this, just listen to it one episode a day.

This is the first page of  the journal of my road to happiness where I will tell you everything. I know I haven’t really given you much today. But it is coming.

Stay amazing, stay blissful.



Kapoor & Sons – A review

Kapoor & Sons – A review

I went to watch Kapoor and sons on the very first day of its release. Why, you ask? Because I take any free time I have got to get out of my work routine.


So I went to watch the movie. Now I had not even seen the trailer of the movie, I just went because I was bored. I don’t know if this should matter, but I did not even know the cast. I saw the poster and saw Alia Bhatt, and suddenly I really wanted to see this movie.

giphy (1)

I am not here to talk about it’s story. How you like it, is for you to decide.

The movie, like all Bollywood movies is in two halves. In the first half we see fun, we see laughter, and we see a typical India family. We see people with so many problems and still pretending that everything is okay, still having fun. In the first half, I laughed every few minutes and it was truly entertaining.

giphy (2)

The second half takes a much more serious turn. The hidden anger comes out, it’s confrontation time.  All the subplots are discussed in a series of scenes that creates a high tension between the members of the house. The movie ends on a happy note, and I am not gonna lie, it left me with a few tears in my eyes.

giphy (3)

What I found brilliant about this movie, apart from Rishi Kapoor’s acting, was the fact the story is not just about one set of heroes. Each and every member of the family is important and each member has their own story, their own anger, their own secrets.

The songs in this movie are nice, give you a good pump. Alia Bhatt is cute as ever.

In the end I will say this, go and  watch if you like family dramas. The second half may seem a little long and stretched, but anyone out there who watches TV shows regularly ( like Grey’s Anatomy or How to get away with murder), is gonna love it.

I am gonna give this movie 4 stars out of 5. I hope you all enjoy it, please let me know in the comments below 😀

Lets Talk Quantico

Lets Talk Quantico

So I know I haven’t written for a while, but…well a long long while, but….I know it has been amazingly long, geez stop badgering me.

Even though I haven’t been writing for a while, I have been making video blogs. You can checkout my channel at Hope you enjoy the videos, do let me know how you find them, and comment so I know you were directed from here.:)

So let’s talk Quantico. So after a long time finally I am down to writing, you would think I have better things to write about. Well, not really. But this is not just a random TV series that I stumbled upon, we all know of this series because our beloved (well debatable) bollywood star Priyanka Chopra stars in it.

First let’s talk about Priyanka Chopra. Now, I do not know why people are not watching this series just because there is an Indian actress starring in it. To be honest it is quite good and Priyanka Chopra is doing a pretty good job. I think it’s because we see Indian movies and we see movies from Hollywood, and we compare them (guess who wins that fight), and we tend to make Indian actors as these over melodramatic people. In our minds the image is quite clear, the love scenes, the fight scenes, the bells of the temple ringing and the hero immediately gaining Hulk strength. I get it, the movies here are clichéd and somewhat silly, but that is what our movie culture is. That is what sells in India and that is why, such roles are the only things our actors attempt.

Priyanka Chopra has been daring and versatile, and the former miss world for god’s sake. We, in our minds, are not able to shake off this image of her in sarees and slow motion love scenes, and maybe that is the reason we are so reluctant to watch Quantico. Well let me tell you that it is good, well kind of.

Quantico is a good series with nice twists, mysteries and a pretty nice story line and let me make this clear, Priyanka Chopra fits right into her character and she is doing a pretty good job. The problem with Quantico lies a bit in its execution. The story is quite thrilling and the actors are pretty engaging, but it just doesn’t feel like a FBI show to me. The fight scenes to be honest are not that great, and sometimes certain circumstances just seems silly, bearing in mind that this is the FBI. Up until episode 5, the story is engaging and pretty good. Episode 6 (the latest one), is the one where I believe they sort of deviated. Episode 6 is full of emotions and more back stories, but somehow, towards the end it kind of felt slow. Also by the end of the episode ( I won’t give spoilers), but it just feels like they are trying to just get all the characters into the present scenario (the one where the bombing has taken place). The plot just feels a little out of place.

I do not know how the series is planned our how it is going to turn out. But all I know for now is that the series is good, Priyanka Chopra is pretty good, & I will be going back in for the next episode. I just hope it picks up a little bit more, and we get more of that FBI feel in it.

That is it guys, I hope you like this article. I am not sure when I will write my next one, but there will be a next one, there always will be a next one J. Do checkout my YouTube channel ( I hope you have a beautiful day ahead.

You just got booked: The Fountainhead

What is the best story you have ever read? What are the best examples you have ever come across of passion, friendship, love, pity, power, of life so crude and raw, you get scared every time you read it and still have a compulsion, a pull of sorts to keep coming back.

The Fountainhead begins with the story of two architects. Both get out of architecture school at the same time, one by graduating and one getting kicked out. Peter Kneating, the student who graduated top of his class has all the opportunities every architect ever dreams of. Job offers are thrown at him, he gets a scholarship to study in one of the most prestigious college of the world. He is about to get fame, money and power, everything that every man dreams of, every man but few.

Howard Roark gets kicked out of architecture school, a year before it would take to complete his course and become a licensed architect. He couldn’t comprehend why people would stick to architecture of the history. He could not copy designs from the past as he believed the world deserves better. His approach to architecture was minimalistic and focused on human need for comfort rather than the want for pretense. He needed another year, where he could go on to copy designs and praise the grandness achieved by the great people in the history of the world. All he needed was one year of charade and he could finally be a listened architect and work as he wished, how he wished, and make a great career out of the only thing he ever loved, architecture. He wouldn’t, or rather he couldn’t.

The book is divided into four parts. Each part is named after an individual in the book. The first part is named ‘Peter Kneating’, two other parts go into the depth of two more characters, and the last is named ‘Howard Roark’. In each of the parts, the individuals meet and get to know Howard and we get to know them. In the last part, all the stories are tied together by an incident which leaves all four individuals standing on the crossroads.  The story is brilliantly threaded together, with our perceptions about each individual changing with each progressing word in the story.

After reading the book, you tend to view the world in a different way, that is, if you are naïve enough or have the slightest of courage.

The book at its core is about people and how they think. There are very few people in the world who think for themselves, and even fewer who have the courage to stand by themselves at all times, no matter the circumstance. Howard Roark has never cared for many people. He has never had his confidence build up or slammed down by others. He respects people who have the courage to think for themselves, and he hates no one. As the story progresses, you find out that Howard is the kind of person who talks to the point. He does not participate in false praises and small talk. He is also one of the most brutally honest people. He makes quite a few friends as the story progresses, but these are friends that he loves and respects and they love and respect him equally, if that were possible.

The book when in the works was originally called ‘Second Hand Lives’. This title was later changed by Miss Ayn Rand, after the final manuscript was complete. The title was changed so that, just like the book, the primary importance shifted not to the villains of the story, but to the creative hero.  The fountainhead of all achiement.

The book is not actually about architecture, it is primarily about Roark against the world, and about the workings of the world that opposes him. But, nevertheless,  architecture has been brilliantly used throughout the book. Ayn Rand did extensive research of architecture by visiting offices and observing their workings. Her research finally helped her build the world of the fountainhead and give it a one of the most realistic settings in any book I have ever read.

Ayn Rand began writing ‘The Fountainhead’ in 1935. In the character of Howard Roark, she presented the kind of hero whose depiction was the chief goal of her writing. She wrote about and explored the ideal man; man as he could be or rather ought to be.  Usually in popular books, the Hero is self sacrificing, he lifts himself up along with everyone else, a typical second handler who believes he has a duty to every else. In Howard Roark’s character, Miss Rand dared to create a Hero that believes and serves himself. She created an egoist that believes in and worships his craft. Even though he is in a profession that sets out to serve others, he never really believed in serving the world or making the world a better place, or even sheltering the world. He was a designer, a creative being, who wanted to perform his craft, as he likes and wishes.

If you have not understood if by now, let me state the obvious, ‘ I am in love with this book’. The story was brilliant. The style of writing was brilliant. The message and the philosophy preached by the book was, for those who wish to see things clearly, brilliant. I highly recommend this book to everyone, not only architecture students. I will be reading all of Ayn Rands works, and I am damn sure I won’t be disappointed. Hope you like this review and hope you have a good read. Have a beautiful day ahead.

Being a grown up in the 21st Century

I am not going to talk about what it is like to be a grown up, because as far as I am concerned, I’m am miles away. But while we are on the topic, what is it like being a grown up?

When I was younger, I use to look up to my elders. Every child wants to grow up soon, because we don’t get to do a lot of things when we are younger. As a child, I used to look up at my elders and think that is what I want to be. They can get everything done, they have all the answers, and they can do anything in life. Now as I am growing up, I realize that none of this is true. The road is as dark for them as it is for us, they just learn to watch till their light can illuminate and hope that the rest of the path will show itself in due time.  Maybe that’s why elders tend to believe in religion, because even after all this time, the world is still unknown to them.

Now when I was young, I believed that there was just one way of growing up. We all had simple rules to be followed, boys act a certain way, girls act another. The whole society seemed to function peacefully. This was till I actually started looking and noticing the gears in motion. Maybe the youth always have had a different mindset from their previous generation, maybe the history repeats itself, but from what I have heard and read, our generation is a bit different. Generation Y they call us, those born in the 80s and the 90s. We are familiar with technology, with the views of the rest of the world and we can easily look at where we stand in the world. I am from generation Y, and so are all my friends. Now I do not know how they see the world, but I find this world flawed and beautiful.

Being a grown up in the 21st century must be difficult, because you may not know more than your child anymore. The reason I was compelled to write this article is because I see many different individuals around me, growing up in their own way, with their own thoughts developing their own habits. As a child of the 21st century, I believe it is our moral duty to be tolerant in life. We are not defined by cultural barriers anymore. Our societies were built to be societies, as a single voice, single identity. But our generation is changing this, we are not just one face, one voice and one identity anymore. We are all individuals, we are all different.

Growing up in this world for me, is about finding myself. There are a lot of things that already define me. Some I like, some I don’t.  I constantly try to find myself & find my voice. I said previously that I find this world both flawed and beautiful. Flawed is the term I use, because our world has been functioning brilliantly, and to the best of its abilities. We seem to have found a society that can include everyone and survive. I still call this system flawed because we have all accepted it. We have found the answer and we have settled.  We have been set into the ways that our forefathers brilliantly string together to get out of the ways of their forefathers. We are flawed, because unlike them we have the answer and we don’t find the question relevant anymore.

I also call this world beautiful, mostly because of our generation. We are growing up and finding our place in the world and the society. Only our society is much more open and vast. Gone are those days when you followed your fathers into business, or if you went out you had the choices of being a doctor or an engineer. Youtuber is now considered as a career option. Who would have thought of that even 10 years ago. New things are coming up and we are constantly testing ourselves to see how we align with them.

Now trust me there are a lot of ways of growing up and I am not here to tell you which way is right. I am just here to say, don’t be so set in your ways so soon. You grow up when you want to grow up and even when you do, don’t lose sight of that kid.

I recently got braces. I don’t mind having them. If you need them then they should be there right, form follows function. But, I was talking to one of my friends who also needs braces and he is having them hidden so he won’t have to show them to anyone. Now our choices can be different and I don’t mind that. What I did mind a little was the explanation he gave me and he said obviously he won’t get them visible, he won’t be able to open his mouth in front of anybody.

I am not here to comment on anybody’s views and I am sorry man if you are reading this. I just want to say that growing up all these years I had developed a lot of social anxiety, and it was mostly because of people’s judgmental attitudes. Obviously now I am able to block a lot of it out. But I just want to say that maybe we should stop judging people, because this is the 21st century, and there are no rights and wrongs anymore.

You get one life, maybe we reincarnate, maybe we go to heaven or hell. You cannot find the answer before dying, but you don’t have to keep on living in the way that others expect of you. I would change a dialogue that I saw in a show called ‘Selfie’, and state, be the person who your thirteen year old self would be proud of, but at the same time, be proud of your thirteen year old self too.

Just a little though for us, you may agree, disagree or see no pint in this article whatsoever. Hope you have a beautiful life ahead.

Should or shouldn’t : Your freedom of speech

I have a right to speak, you have a right to speak, your boss has a right to speak and so does your employee. Today I saw this post from ‘The Logical Indian’ facebook page, that had a video of man defending a security guard when a woman was trying to slap him for doing his duty. I would like you guys to see the video, and without closing the tab come back to hear me out.

I respect the makers of ‘The Logical Indian’, and their wonderful initiative. The woman was out of line, and was overstepping. Just because anybody is a security guard or at a low post does not mean you have a right to dis-respect woman. Obviously we all agree that we did not like what she did, and we loved what the man did. We used our freedom of speech to give salute to the man.

Now, go back to the link and read the comments on the page.

If you read them clearly, obviously everybody dislikes the woman. My problem starts when I read comments which call her names and abuse her. Now my question is, if she has no right slapping a guard, do we have the right to call her all this?

I know the video makes us kind of angry at her, but that does not mean one will simply go on saying things that can clearly hurt another person. If she is crossing the line, does that give us the right to cross it too?

Social media is a wonderful thing that connects us all. But social media has also become the platform for people to go and rant about anything they like (or dislike). Many times comments on things are constructive or plain opinions ( but respectful), but a lot of times people simply start abusing for no apparent reason.

Somebody uploads this video, and we all start calling the woman names. Shruti seth tweets something to Narendra Modi and the whole world starts calling her names. Is this what we have come down to? Do our ideas and thoughts need to align with the majority and if not we will simply be put down? I guess than I need to be put down as well.

Maybe we as individuals need to rise before our society can rise as a whole. I keep hearing everyone say that society puts pressure on them for things, but if a society pressures every person then who the heck is part of this secret society? ‘Boond boond se saagar banta hai’. Try to rise and pull those up who pull you down.

Respect women. Respect men. Respect children. Respect each and every soul. Hope you have a beautiful day ahead.

Time to speak up – The Plea of Architecture students

So I do not know if this happens to practicing architects, but this is happening a lot to me nowerdays, and it’s time to speak up. So I just came back home from helping a friend of mine with her design & as I reached home, I told my mum that I was helping her & my mum’s immediate question is,’Why, she can’t draw well?’

This incident was not the only one. My sister wants me to get an internship, so we were discussing about architecture, and then she instantly says, ‘What do you have to do? You just draw!’

200 (1)

Statements like these just make my blood boil at times, and the notion that architects just draw, and learn to and practice drawing for five years really gets to me and it’s time to put a stop to it.

Non architecture related people, it’s time to listen up. We do not draw. We design. What is the difference you ask? Drawing is something you guys see everybody do. We draw before we paint, kids draw in their sketchbooks, college students draw doodles in their classes, in short anybody and everybody can draw. Designing is when you draw for a specific reason, when each time you draw a line, you have to visualize it’s impact on the final product. Designing is like solving a problem, you practice to learn to get good at it.

At the end of the day, architecture is not just a drawing on the paper, it is the making of spaces, spaces that will impact humans even if they live in those structures or not. Architects build structures that make people’s life simpler, efficient and attractive. Those drawings that we do, are not just drawing they are our babies, that we have seen grow from nothing.

giphy (3)

And while I am on the subject, I get a lot of rants from engineers as well, specially civil engineers, that all architects do is draw and make things look pretty and they do all the real work. I am told that we make weird structures that are dangerous and that architecture is not the need of people.  So to those guys who have similar views, I just want to ask you guys something, do you listen to music, any kind of music? If you don’t then I rest my case, you win the argument, but if you do, listen up.  Music is not something you need to live, not something that will help you survive, music is something that relaxes you, something that triggers emotions within you. Architecture is about giving shelter to people but it is about so much more. Architecture gives meaning to those structures, architecture makes people want to inhabit those structures. Humans have a tendency to find beauty and meaning in everything, architecture quenches that thirst.

giphy (7)

This all might seem a bit too philosophical or romantic, but it is also the truth. I don’t just draw things on my sheet, I visualize and design my buildings. Architecture is the combination of art and science, and we value both equally ( or we are suppose to). Science is all about more research, cutting edge technology, everything that will make you life easy. But if we only concentrated on science, on technology and making you building stand, your buildings would look bland and boring, and even though you will have all the comfort, you won’t stay there because it’s human nature to chase beauty.

200 (5)

We balance the physical needs of people with their psychological needs, and that is how we design. It takes a lot of effort to make those plans, elevations, section and views that you easily term as drawings. Please don’t do that. Hope you liked this article and if you did, please share it.

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